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20 thoughts on “Windows 11 runs Graphical Linux Apps out of the box with WSLg

  1. Is this feature exclusive to Windows 11 only? Can you run Linux apps with GUI in Windows 10 the same way? I tried using gedit to edit my .bashrc but I kept getting an "x11" error. I had to use nano which worked fine but, was wondering why gedit didn't work

  2. You have convinced me to move to W11… What a cool set of features… There's probably an argument that this should be supported on W10, like a DirectX 10 only on Vista throwback, crysis. I'm excited regardless

  3. I am state of shock !!!! No word !!! Its amazing

  4. Great information can you do as video on getting Gnome Desktop working in WSL by any chance?

  5. Hi Scott, today i tried wsl2 with ubuntu 22.04 on my windows 11, and with intellij it's quite slow (frequently freezes). This did not happen to me with windows 10. Is it possible that with w11 the access to files (\wsl…) is slower and is the cause of the problem? Thanks very much!

  6. What happens if you try to run a daemon on one of your Linux environments such as Apache or nginx. Can you access it easily?

  7. Is the WSL system isolated from WIndows 11? If I install a web browser in WSL and pick up some evil malware, is my Windows system safe from it?

  8. Nice video, Scott. May I know how you make the shell icon & name on right bottom of the terminal?? Because I'm using terminal in focus mode startup and it'll be nice to have that. I already checked in your prompt setup with oh-my-posh but didn't find any clue.

  9. Can you make such introduction on WSA too? I faced quite a lot of difficulties using the WSA.

  10. Hi I have a question, which may be obvious to all but not me. So I have my Windows 11 pc, and I have Wslg installed and Ubuntu 20.04.

    I have an older laptop which was set up for dual boot. Windows 10 and Ubuntu- actually Xubuntu since Xubuntu desktop is light and very fast.

    How can I get to run the Xubuntu desktop manager xfce in Windows 11?

  11. can you do a video of giving it a desktop ev

  12. Linux EVERY WHERE…. Earlier Google Introduced Linux on Chrome OS and allowed X Window Apps running on them, and now Microsoft too.

  13. That's really cool. Think its finally time to upgrade my i7 4770k and get Windows 11..

  14. What about day to day work performance using WSL2 on W11?

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