Who is more creative: Oldest, middle or youngest siblings?

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Do you have brothers, sisters, or are you an only child?

Which of you do you think is the most creative?

Well, a new meta analysis of divergent thinking research just set out to find out what the science says.

Just published in the Creativity Research Journal, Birth Order and Divergent Thinking: A Meta-Analysis looked at the analysis of divergent thinking performance of 27 different studies, with 4,690 participants.

The studies aimed to investigate any links between birth order and creative performance.

And they did find a link.

The most creative siblings in general are…

First Born siblings.

The results show a statistically significant indicator that first born children have higher divergent thinking scores than their younger siblings, which is a strong indicator of creative performance.

The researchers don’t have definitive reasons yet for why this might be, but one reason could be that oldest siblings are often challenged with solving problems.

What do you think? Who is the most creative sibling in your family?

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