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This PX-9 Is Decked Out Of The Box

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Intro Song: “Issa Trap” by Mikey Geiger

20 thoughts on “This PX-9 Is Decked Out Of The Box

  1. Great pistol – have one in basic black without the slide cuts. 100% reliable and the trigger is great – almost on the level of the Freedomsmith trigger in my Canik Mete. At the price point, might be the best buy out there for a striker fired polymer pistol.

  2. How does the trigger compare to its Turkish cousin, the Canik?

  3. I have a fde duty model and it's a great range gun with no issues I would buy another one definitely in white

  4. Looks like the bore axes is to high and has a Walther look to it! With Walthers look like a high point lol!

  5. All these guns are looking great out of the box.. ii love my executive elite combat from canik and was gonna get mete pro but I may have to try this… glock needs to step up for sure

  6. Coolest weapon of WAR I've seen that can blow someone's lung clean out. Almost as dangerous as an AR-13.
    All kidding aside, I'm checking prices on those as we speak! Hopefully, this gun won't drown in a boating accident, like my previous guns did! 🛶 😎👍🇺🇸🗽

  7. They're sexy. Gives me Canik TP9sfx compact vibes.

  8. I can't it. That gun looks like you bought it at dollar general bro. Maybe it feels way better than it looks.

  9. These guns remind me of the Canik Rival 🔥

  10. Will definitely be testing one out. They look great. Already RMR cut and threaded barrel. Sweet!!

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