This Innovation Method Could Change the World

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Let me share a quick story with you:

In 2017 I was a lowly assistant that regularly refused my friend's calls to start a company with them. That is until I met and was encouraged by a successful founder who was my boss at a side gig making flying machines …

I fell in love with innovation. Over the past several years I grew one startup to 10 people and $thousands in sales before going bankrupt and homeless – learning the lesson to not be ideas-first. I tried again with a laboratory spin-off and followed Steve Blank's Lean Startup process to find a market need, getting a million in sales and an interview invite to YC, but we struggled to turn the qualitative insights from 100+ interviews into tangible deliverables or accelerating growth.

Then I discovered Tony Ulwick's "Outcome-Driven Innovation" (also known as "Jobs to be Done") process and something clicked: This methodology could, with high degree (86%) of certainty, determine exactly what "outcomes" the market wanted and thus which ideas can win. The root cause of low success rate in needs-first approaches was the lack of a common definition for what a "Customer Need" even is!

So for the last year I've been sharing Tony's methodology with others. But oftentimes, they're not interested. Even within my startup community, it seems like everyone is far keener to follow the more accepted but inferior "Fail Fast" and "Lean Startup" approaches, despite the far lower success rate.

Why is this? What can I do to help this method go viral and share what I've learned with the world?

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