The Versatile Shoes Designed for Travel/Commute/Office: Any Thoughts?

The Versatile Shoes Designed for Travel/Commute/Office: Any Thoughts?
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Hello everyone,

We are students in design and engineering, and we are interested in footwear innovation 🔥

Winters in Canada are brutal. Unless you’re fine with that numbing sensation with ice on your feet, you wouldn’t want to walk outside with sneakers. But for winter boots, with all the added insulation, wearing them indoors is just too hot.

The same goes for stepping into the office from a heavy rain, traveling between city streets and national parks, etc. You need to bring multiple pairs of shoes to stay comfortable, but it's also just too much hassle.

We have been on the search for the one pair of shoes that serves different occasions, whether you are commuting on trains, walking in the rain/snow, or sitting at the office. We couldn’t find a pair that finds the sweet spot, and we wanted to develop our own and bring it to you before the end of travel ban. We would love to learn your love-hate relationship with shoes with a short survey in the link below:

Thank you so much for your time 🙂

With much love 🥳

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