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The Top 5 OUT OF THE BOX Strategies | AoE2

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00:00 – 00:22 Intro
00:22 – 01:20 5) Goths Infinite Militia Rush
01:20 – 02:27 4) Berbers Villager Rush
02:27 – 03:37 3) Saracens Tati Rush
03:37 – 04:53 2) Malay Elephant Rush
04:53 – 06:00 Douche
06:00 – 07:07 1) Khmer Sneaky Ranges
07:07 – Final Talk & Outro

Edits by K1

20 thoughts on “The Top 5 OUT OF THE BOX Strategies | AoE2

  1. Infinite militias into sneaky archers. I’ll dominate the ladder hahahaha 😁😁

  2. Surprise siege tower on arena is fun as well. If they are going fast imp it can work

  3. Surprised he didn't even mention the Khmer strat where you hide your farms in the corners.

  4. Which civli can win byzantine, pls ask me 😢😢

  5. One question, which civilization is better… the Persians or the Kmher?

  6. Wow Hera making content during Red Bull!! what a beast

  7. Always loved to do, like, 16 vill Khmer scout rush. Literally build nothing but houses and the stable.

  8. Khmer Sneaky Ranges is also just as good with Cumans. Also you left out Hoang Rush lol

  9. Unfortunate but Well played at redbull I cheered for u!

    I feel like u are actually the best player, but ur biggest weakness feels like walling too late letting opponents raid u for free

    Anyways I support u so keep up good work

  10. As a "Dark humour" achievment winner, I put N°5 in N°1.

  11. I was proud to root for you all tourney hera! You did amazing!

  12. For the douche, what is the benefit of deleting your tc? Why not keep both?

  13. #2 works best if you say "I wanted to pick Magyard" in the in-game chat first.

  14. Guys what do u think about fedohang with cuman? Play like saracens; 3 range archers and siege rams

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