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20 thoughts on “The Only Handgun I Trust Out Of The Box

  1. Reviewers acting like John wick kinda pathetic 😂

  2. Highly disagree on ergonomics. If how it feels in the hand doesn't matter might as well make the grip the length of a 2×4, which the Glock is not far off from. At least with that size we can load up rifle ammo.

  3. Berreta's and sig p226 are as reliable as glocks are out of the box.

  4. Oh i agree 100% i have owned tons of guns thrugh my 54 yrs of life and i been a glock fan sense they came out. My every day carry is a g 19 g 3 and my backup is a g 42. Perfect combo. Carry corbon in each gun

  5. ….only one? I guess it makes a good clickbait title.

  6. Revisiting the coments two years later and just as I thought Lucas managed to piss off a whole bunch of 1911 fan boys 😂

  7. I guess he didn’t trust it chambered a round on the first rack. Had to do a press check to see if there was one in there 🤔

  8. Sig x5.. easier to maintain and more accurate

  9. The method of running with gun aimed towards target running away is it because of the foot work when you turn??

  10. It’s a 40 year old design created with the technology of that time. The Sig P320 is a modern design which fixes all of the flaws of that gun. Swap grips to fit your hand perfectly. Swap barrel lengths and calibers. If you crack the grip it’s a $30 part not a trip back to the factory. It can’t be disassembled until it’s completely clear (no trigger pull). It shoots like a dream, and it’s no more expensive than a Glock.

    There’s a reason the DOD chose this pistol.

  11. Lucas is one of my favorite gun guys on YouTube. Thanks for the great content.

  12. Incorrect. You never said price doesn’t matter. If that’s the case then my stacatto C2 DPO out the box is number one, from all the guns I have shot out the box. Which leads me to believe you are definitely a Glock fanboy.

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