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The Cult of Out of the Box | A Retrospective Conversation on Kid's Tv (feat. The Box Cutter Podcast)

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Hey guys! It’s finally here!! I got to sit down with Daniel of The Box Cutter Podcast and chat about Out of the Box which was a kid’s show that we both loved. We talk about nostalgia, educational media, the possibility of Out of the Box being a secret horror and much more. We also watch the halloween episode titled, “Trick or Treat”. Come along with us!

From the web:

Out of the Box is an American children’s television series which premiered on Playhouse Disney on October 7, 1998, and ended its run on September 27, 2004, with reruns until June 2006 (December 2006 in the UK). The series takes place in “The Box”, a playhouse made entirely of cardboard boxes, where two hosts, Tony James and Vivian Bayubay McLaughlin, make crafts, sing songs, and act out plays.

Two special episodes were released on VHS by Walt Disney Home Video, Out of the Box: Trick or Treat, and Out of the Box: Happy Holidays. Trick or Treat is also available on the DVD entitled Rolie Polie Olie: A Spookie Ookie Halloween.[1]

The series was created and executive produced by Douglas Love and was based on his series of books from HarperCollins. Three seasons were filmed at Lifetime Studios in New York City. The series earned three Parents’ Choice Awards for excellence in television and an Emmy nomination.[2][3]

Prior to its release on Disney+, on November 12, 2019, most of the show’s episodes were considered lost media due to a lack of home releases.

Every day, Tony and Vivian take care of a small group of neighborhood children. They come and play in “The Box”, a clubhouse made entirely out of cardboard boxes. They do crafts, sing songs, and act out stories revolved around the episode’s theme. At the end of the day, either Tony or Vivian walking the kids home while the other recaps the day’s events. Every episode ends with Tony and Vivian singing their Goodbye Song. The song is either sung a cappella by Vivian and with Tony tapping on a pumpkin or some other object, but in three episodes Tony plays it on his guitar. In two episodes, the kids join in to the Goodbye Song; after they finished, they wave to the viewers and the camera would move out as a piano ending of the Goodbye Song plays. In one episode, Vivian told the viewers that she will tell Tony they are thinking of him

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19 thoughts on “The Cult of Out of the Box | A Retrospective Conversation on Kid's Tv (feat. The Box Cutter Podcast)

  1. I feel like no one remembers A Disney Halloween. That is what I remember coming back from Trick or Treating to watch.

  2. it's so scary how this episode slowly came back to me

  3. The talk of pumpkin carving and painting reminded me when I was in elementary school, and they had a pumpkin painting contest. I don't know why, but I wanted to paint my pumpkin to look like Gotham city covered in vines. I attached a painted cardboard flower to the stem and painted a mini Bratz doll to look like Poison Ivy and a random male toy to look like Batman. I used green pipe cleaners to make it look like Batman was tied up in vines. I did not win the contest which made younger me very sad lol

  4. The video turned out so great! I couldn't stop smiling at how much fun we looked like we were having. Hats off to you 🎉

  5. I adored this show as a kid. I always wanted to do the crafts, but we were broke and couldn't afford the materials and so I was never allowed. I need to rewatch this show. Speaking of Bear, it's coming to Disney+ this month!

  6. I had never heard of this show but I understand why your all so fond of it. I'm sorry the live premiere didn't work out 😿

  7. I loved this show. I would look forward to visiting my aunt's house over the weekends to see it, because we didn't have cable at home. I'd bring my arts and crafts items and do projects along with them. It was great!

  8. don't feel bad girl i think we all just wanna stay home with our pets and watch TV and not deal with people

  9. I remember one year leading up to Halloween I really wanted to dress up like a superhero, but then Fox aired the Goosebumps haunted mask episode and I immediately wanted a spooky costume with a creepy mask!

  10. Hey Avery. You should totally make a video doing some of the crafts.

  11. I kinda wish this show would do somewhat of a crossover episode with Sesame Street.

  12. Ahhh childhood nostalgia. Is Bear in the Big Blue House and Rollie Pollie Ollie next?

  13. I remember this show. It was pretty good

  14. Yes there's a video version listened to the whole thing last and honestly it was amazing Avery you should do more podcast stuff

  15. I’ve got to go get ready for work. So, Goodbye for now! Until we meet agaaaaaaaiiiinnnn!

  16. I was a little too old for this show when it was airing but I specifically remember that The two Hosts were just so enthusiastic and welcoming that I would still watch it from time to time

  17. I sent this to Vivian. Let’s see if she responds.

  18. Yay! Thank you for the video avery, I hope you're having a good day!

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