Stunning video of NASA’s Perseverance rover touching down on Mars

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If you want to see an example of technical innovation, you need to see this video of NASA’s latest rover touching down on the surface of Mars.

In these 3 minutes, you see the result of hundreds of thousands of hours of human innovation and billions of dollars in research & development, to gently lower what might be the most advanced robot in the universe onto the surface of another planet.

The goal of the mission is not just to find out more about the planet, but also the begin analysis to find potential signs of previous life outside of earth.

What I personally found fascinating is the beautiful picture quality, showing the parachute descent to the planet surface, before a rocket-stabilised sky crane lowers the rover the final few meters to the surface intact.

To get a better understanding of just how impressive this innovation is, I also suggest you watch this YouTube video on the Insane Engineering of Perseverance.