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Stop Zoom Fatigue: Having cameras on is especially hard on women and newcomers

Creativity and Innovation

If you have ever been exhausted after long sessions on videoconference, you are not alone.

Now, just-released research shows that being forced to have the cameras on may be one of the main reasons why.

A new study titled The fatiguing effects of camera use in virtual meetings set out to find out what difference it makes when we are forced to have our cameras on during video meetings, which have become much more common as more people work remotely.

By tracking 103 participants through 1,408 meetings, they found that there was an exhausting effect for people who had to have cameras on, compared to those who were in a meeting using only audio.

This was even more pronounced for women, and team members who were new to the organisation.

The results even showed that after the meeting, the effects of fatigue affected performance not just later on in the day, but even on the following day!

So while there are times when having videos on during Zoom or Teams calls may be beneficial, for longer meetings it should definitely be allowed for video to be optional.

This will result in better performance from the whole team.

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