[SOLVED] Root Problem of Product Innovation

Consider this question: "Is there agreement on your product team as to what a customer “need” is?"

I help manage training programs at a product innovation consultancy firm called Strategyn, and at our recent training event, we asked this exact question.

95% of participants said "No."

This presents a problem: if teams cannot agree on how to define "customer needs", then how can they agree on what their actual customers need?

In fact, from this root problem, other problems emerge.

In our experience conducting client engagements, we find that the members of the product team:

  1. Do not agree on what a “need” is or what types of customer needs exist.
  2. Do not agree on how a “need” statement should be constructed to effectively inform the innovation process.
  3. Do not know what all the customer’s needs are.
  4. Do not know which customer needs are unmet and to what degree.
  5. Do not know if segments of customers exist with different sets of unmet needs.

So, we wrote a blog post that presents solutions to each of the 5 key issues above. Read it here.

Do you resonate with the 5 key issues above? I welcome your comments below!

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