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15 thoughts on “Schumer Looks For Way Out Of The Box On Manchin Deal

  1. at 1:30 is Sen Schumer wearing his Senate flag pin upside down? Is he making a statement that the country is lost?

  2. schumers bill advocates for abortion 12 month and after he needs to be voted out pure evil

  3. Why aren't they voting today. Schumer thinks tomorrow is guaranteed. They need that deadline to be a hammer on those that are undecided.

  4. Dems LIVE by CHEATING …..
    ……Poor…. Poor… I mean ……Poor in CHARACTER ….. Schumer…..hehehe

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  6. Dfund Polic Natiowide!! Abbollish the senate, filibuster, electoral college and pack the court! Ban assault weapons and constitutional carry! Establish a disinformationGovernance Board and Hate Speech Laws! Vote Blue 2022 to GET. IT. DONE!! 💙💙

  7. I think the important thing is to blame Bernie for Manchin's corruption so we can get his donors paid!
    The system works

  8. This story is not being reported accurately by many press outlets. Schumer is the 2nd largest recipient of utilities $$$ in the Senate. He made a side deal with Manchin in a spending bill for fossil fuel permitting that places all the heat on Manchin, when Schumer is just as complicit. Then Schumer gets to claim that he SAVED America from having our government shut down, when that is not the case at all.
    This is a GRIFT between Schumer & Manchin to allow BOTH of them to benefit financially from this gift to Big Fossil Fuel, with only Manchin taking any heat.
    Elected officials like Schumer & Manchin putting gifts to Big Fossil Fuel into bills as payback for their campaign support, & then being secretive & dishonest about what they're doing, is a story that press outlets desperately need to cover.
    The public sees & feels that our government too often responds to secretive special interests & not to us, & the press needs to stop being complicit in this grift.

  9. 👎 37% of Democrats think America is great. 👎
    👍 69% Of Republicans think America is great 👍

  10. Don't go anywhere Chuckles …. I believe they have a warrant for you to pay …. You're a part of the Biden crime family too !

  11. Both of them are big frauds! Had a little bit of respect for Joe, but that was only before he betrayed his state and his country!

  12. There's a pretty easy solution to avoiding multiple government shutdowns every year.

    Pass a balanced budget for once.

  13. Didn't he used to sell Charmin toilet paper in the '70s?

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