Real Life Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect

Real Life Trick Shots 3 | Dude Perfect
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Trick shots all day everyday!
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Dude Perfect says:

🔥COMMENT which shot took the longest 😂
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Jcowi22 says:

Hit the off button on the TV with a pen

Đặng Trí Tùng says:

Wowwwwwwwww nice Dude

Anna Rappa says:


Rex Vitae says:

Does this ever become natural or are you guys always challenging yourselves?

Shonda Beatty-Calcote says:

Your life is so much easier I tried the key one and it took me 57 try’s to do it I was so happu

Jose Paz Jr. says:

Please do a number 4

Lilacglooming says:

3:11 made me laugh my head off 🤣

Danny Horobin says:

Love you guys

Patrick David says:

Seems like they got special powers really

Filipe Chilro says:

Real life trick shots 4 please

Caroline Barrie says:

It was the key toss

KotaStriker says:

Thanos: you should’ve aimed for the head

Thor: I got you

Thor: *cuts off thanos’s head

Varalakshmi Kabilan says:

Hey Dude please tell how you are doing this


He want to trick shot because he is lazy

G N says:

More bloopers please.

Audra Findley says:

Since my mom has a rare form or cancer my wish is to see them.

Slcryptic says:

0:37 to 0:43 what I thing I am gonna do. 3:02 to 3:05 what I actually do.

Tashinator Gaming says:

I've heard of you guys so many times but how have I not seen these before?! I've missed out for years! Some ridiculous amount of patience required for this! GG

ClucksDonalds Rip says:

1:44 I can do that.

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