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Podcast S6E139: Jeff Shannon – Hard work is not enough

Creativity and Innovation

In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with master facilitator Jeff Shannon, author of the bestselling Hard work is not enough

We speak about what it takes to get recognition for your leadership and capabilities.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • 00:02:15 – The myth about how far hard work will take you in your career
  • 00:05:00 – What it takes to get influence and build trust, by building believability
  • 00:08:15 – How to work hard, but additionally also build your reputation
  • 00:12:00 – The conflict between an internal focus but still letting people know what you are trying to achieve
  • 00:14:45 – A story about embracing the experiences by drinking ants
  • 00:17:00 – How hummingbirds can see things that others cannot, which presents different options
  • 00:21:00 – How to prevent becoming overwhelmed by too many options
  • 00:24:00 – Answering the question: What do you want?

Links mentioned in this episode:

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