Podcast S3E29: Roger Firestien – Learning from the man who taught the creative process to the most people in the world

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In today’s episode of the Idea to Value podcast, we speak with Prof. Roger L Firestien, who is a senior faculty member for the Centre for Applied Imagination, University of SUNY, Buffalo.

He is also distinguished as being the person who has trained more people to lead the creative problem solving process (CPS) than anyone else in the world.

Prof Firestien has a new book coming out called Create in a Flash: A Leader’s Recipe for Breakthrough Innovation. I recommend you go check out www.createinaflashbook.com, because he has also included several free high quality videos to show you the techniques of CPS.

Topics covered in this episode:

  • 00:01:15 the foundational work of Alex Osborn, who invented brainstorming and then the Creative Problem Solving process, which had been validated by more than 150 research studies
  • 00:02:45 why “brainstorming” had got such a bad reputation, and why companies do it wrong
  • 00:03:15 you need a well defined problem to be solved
  • 00:05:00 what he had learnt in his more than 40 years teaching these techniques
  • 00:06:30 you should spend about 3-4x as long reviewing and prioritising ideas as you do generating them
  • 00:08:15 the link between CPS and Design Thinking
  • 00:09:45 the 4 different types of creativity, and how everyone can be (and already is) creative
  • 00:13:15 practical techniques people can use, from his new book “Create in a Flash”
  • 00:14:45 to spark your creativity, it is important to make connections

Links covered in today’s episode: