Out Of The Box Intro

Out Of The Box Intro
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Out Of The Box Intro
(Uploaded again with better quality, I hope!)



WilandTarafan says:

I wanted to be on this show as a kid it looked like fun. Just watching this brings back so many memories. I miss when shows were this entertaining and good. I still cry every time I hear the goodbye song. I hope I’m not the only one.

Ashanti Bellanger says:

I'm not crying, my inner 90s kid is crying 😭😭❤

Matthew Lucas says:

Definitely one of my preschool memories

Johnson Barret says:

This show is lowkey scary now that I think about it

Arturo Ochoa says:

I love this show so much.

syaf says:


Scarlett Northcott , Destroyer of Fonts says:

I don't think I've ever watched this, but a portion of the theme popped up in another video; however, watching this, I feel like I used to watch this show…

anietojr91 says:

I use to love this show!

MrPheasant69 says:

“We built this club house in my back yard for all the kids in the neighborhood”
—“This is where I tell you, I’m Chris Hanson from NBC and we’re doing a story and adults who try to meet kids for sex”

Thomas Scott says:

This shit still a bop.

Tyresha Walker says:

I really feel bad for the kids this generation because they would never know how to use their Imagination. I remember getting up every morning to see this and other shows that you got to play and sing along with. I remember dancing in front of the TV and my mom yelling dont get to close to the tv lol

Rebecca O' Grady says:

I watched this high and I sure did have a spooktacular time

Kendrah Terrell says:

❤❤❤My childhood 2 and cool asf same but where are they now?

Semaj Haze says:

I thought they were literally inside a bunch of boxes but then on one episode it "rained" during their storyline in the script and i thought to myself there is no way those boxes could last through rain

Jill Dahlen says:

Does Tony eat pineapple soup before Vivian and the kids come in the clubhouse after this intro in the beginning of Happy Holidays?

Sergeant Z says:

Ah shit here we go again…

Joseph Edwards says:

This show would be beneficial to so many children now…..

Darrell Canter says:

What’s booker t doing on this kids show lmao

Darrell Canter says:

What’s booker t doing on this kids show lmao

Kendrah Terrell says:

My lovely childhood memories i will all ways remember ❤❤❤❤i miss out of the 📦 tbh i miss all my childhood shows bring them back so anyways bye❤❤❤❤😭😭😭😭😭😭😭👍

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