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Out of the Box EP#3 – GKA BRAZIL 2021

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Welcome back to another episode of Out of the Box, a series that follows the Duotone Team riders as the progress through the season on the GKA world tour and everything that happens outside of the box. The life on the world tour had been severely disrupted in the past years by the spread of Covid-19, the travel restrictions and the changes that have effected all of us. The GKA world tour has seen event canceled, tour stops not running and almost two seasons without a world champion crowned. This is the last tour stop for the 2021 season, and after our last episode in Tarifa, Spain, we see the world champions crowned for the end of the year in one of the world best kiteboarding locations; Brazil.

Brazil has always been a hub for kite boarding freestyle and one of the places where progressions leads the way each season, with new tricks being landed, new champions crowned and some of the worlds best conditions as you travel up the coast. The trip spanning from Cumbucco all the way north until Jericoacoara is on of kitesurfing most famous down wind trips. The 250km down winder or drive through this epic coastline is a must visit for any keen Kitesurf enthusiast.

The spots that we recommend stopping at along the way are:
– Cumbuco
– Paracuru
– Lagoinha
– Icaraizinho
– Ilha Do Guajiru
– Guriu Lagoon
– Jerrcoacoara
– Tatajuba

In many ways, this is the best kiteboarding destination in the world at this time of year, and there are endless options to explore. If you would like individual recommendations about where to stay and how long to go for, please comment bellow the video. Let us know what you think of this trip, if you have done it and what you would also recommend!!

So sit back and tune into the third episode of Out Of The Box with the Duotone family and friends as we get a dose of adventure at the end of the 2021 competitive kiteboarding season… Stay tuned for more episodes coming soon!!

For more info visit:

Make sure to comment and subscribe, and see you soon!

Film/Edit: Tom Court – @tom court
Director: Craig Cunningham
Produced by Duotone Kiteboarding for Youtube

10 thoughts on “Out of the Box EP#3 – GKA BRAZIL 2021

  1. This episode was amazing, epic, fucking awesome!

    Super nice to see the Duotone family from another perspective and as well your view from Brazil!

    Keep up the awesome work!
    (I’m Brazilian, BTW)

  2. Awesome helpful info by duotone. Love that y'all shared this travel info.

  3. Brazil is the best place for kiteboarding!!! 🇧🇷

  4. Love the video 📸 Love Brazil 📍Love Duotone 🛹 Love the debauchery 😜

  5. Would love to go there when I am better in kiteboarding 💪

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