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  2. I'm glad they never refilmed them building the clubhouse though, since it allowed the cast of the first season (except for Matthew, I'm not sure why he isn't there) to still appear in the theme even after most of them had left. Although I would have liked Celine to have been in that part. She didn't get to appear in the season 2 intro much as it was since it mainly reused season 1 clips.

  3. One thing I notice that's different between the first two seasons though is that the first had a green floor and the second a blue floor. I like the green better for nostalgia's sake but blue worked too.

  4. Wow, so awesome to see all 3 versions! I wasn't sure if seasons 1 and 2 had different openings, they're so similar. My guess they used so many new clips for season 3 is because the set was changed so drastically.

  5. Episode clips at the end: Season 1: Seeds of Imagination. Season 2: Trick or Treat. Season 3: Making Mistakes.

  6. Do you have any out of the box episode tapes because a YouTuber was being mean to me and not sharing his tapes at all

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