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Whales own your medical records. The vast majority of medical data is concentrated in the hands of huge companies, while patients incur additional expenditures and receive no reward for their contributions to the medical data bank. Take care of you and take a look over the relevant DeHealth innovation.
I know that is kinda strange to hear from the beginning, but how to grab your attention in another more effective way? Most of us, young people, don’t properly care about ourselves. And that’s pretty sad. Because it gives us an opportunity to decide what to consume without our thoughts. Nobody cares. Our privacy is just a fiction now. We are sure that we know ourselves better than others.. What a delusion..What a mistake.
But it doesn't matter. I wanted to tell you about a more important thing now. The new young project DeHealth is gonna conquer the HealthCare market. Decentralized platform with all the necessary services in one application. Want to buy drugs, call your doctor or see your current arterial pressure, no matter what. All of that will be possible just thanks to the AI-BOT which is integrated in the DeHealth platform.
It is not even all the features and “goods” their platform supplies. It’s like a social network, with just keeping your data safe. But the most exciting thing for me was to find out that you can get paid for a healthy lifestyle.

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