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Mom takes her baby out of the box for one last hug but what happens next is surprising

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Mom takes her baby out of the box for one last hug but what happens next is surprising
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The mother takes her little baby out of his coffin during the funeral to hug and kiss him for the last time, but what happened next shocked everyone. Everyone in that room witnessed that picture so tender and loving and at the same time so tragic and sad. In a coffin lay little Mercedes, stiff and cold, her pale cheeks dry and lifeless. And her mother Isabel, who felt a deep pain that overwhelmed her and robbed her of air. The scene was sad and pitiful.

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15 thoughts on “Mom takes her baby out of the box for one last hug but what happens next is surprising

  1. My deepest prayers and condolences…

  2. Heartbreaking moment from a loving mother! But God took her daughter bcoz He wanted to come in heaven early.

  3. Deepest sympathy and condolences to the family of Mercedes.

    God bless you and your family with strength of the lord.


  4. Why do you have to bait with such a title? Congratd! You killed any value that was in the story!:👎👎👎

  5. I lost my baby grace when I was four month pregnant on02.02.2022.
    She was healthy,unfortunately she had to sacrifice her life for mamma due to my uterus was ruptured
    I miss you baby which I can’t describe how much weighting to see you in heaven

  6. Just imagine ur first child, gone, I wouldn’t want to have another one with that pain

  7. Ugh how stupid to comment just no one likes and awensers me😢

  8. Change your title… nothing changed… won't view any other story…lies

  9. ……nothing happened…..another fabricated heading to lure you in. I don't believe a word of it. Who would take a child out of their coffin for a last hug?

  10. I thought you were going to say her mum kissed the child one last time and they heard the noise and the child woke up healthy or something, when my gran diead she was giveing her last rights to our local priest, she was in her death bed at the time, but she died then the priest gave her the last right thing then my gran came back to life no honestly about 5 times I felt like saying wtf is going on here.

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