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Mineral wool (rock wool) ideas to help my uncle get a promotion.

Creativity and Innovation

Hi, my uncle is a basic assembly line worker at a factory that produces mineral wool. This is a material like glass fiber wool used fr building insulation, but created from melted, air cooled and spun rock. If he (or anyone else) comes up with an innovative idea of how they can use this material in a new way, he will get a promotion of sorts. I'm trying to help him think of something and I thought i'll get the internet involved as well. Here's some useful facts: – price: around $1.8 / square foot ( 15€ / square meter – retains heat, traps air – very good thermal insulator – highly resistant to heat: about 1400F temperature – excelent sound proofing qualities – durable in time – doesn't get water damage but lets water pass through

Ideas are like thermal or sound proofing objects or rooms, elevators, train cars, stuff like that, but thinking outside the box is encouraged.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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