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Linux & BSD Out Of The Box Perfection

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Linux & BSD Out Of The Box Perfection

A quick video covering 4 Linux & BSD distros that would make a switch from Windows or more importantly MacOS an easy transition. All four offer simple to use interfaces and a solid base to make anyone feel right at home. Take a look and let me know what you think in the comments below.

0:00 – 4:01 Intro
4:02 – 8:39 Elementary OS
8:40 – 16:27 Pop OS
16:28 – 18:52 Hello System OS
18:53 – 24:25 Ubuntu Budgie

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19 thoughts on “Linux & BSD Out Of The Box Perfection

  1. I find it interesting that no one is using Linux to connect to other shares on their networks. I have 5 machines and a NAS and until recently I was able to connect by mounting the shares in the FSTAB file. This worked fine for Manjaro and Linux mint. A number of months ago Manjaro stopped connecting and now with Linux Mint 21 series, it no longer connects either. I have since discovered this is due to a change in the kernals. Supposedly for 'Security'. Yes it's very secure when you can't connect to any other machine (Linux, Windows or NAS). So, until this is 'fixed' or an easy to use workaround becomes available, Linux has hit a dead end moving forward. I will have to stay with Linux Mint 20.3 which works fine and will be supported until 2025. It is apparent as no-one is talking about this problem that most users are browsing the web, e-mail and social media instead of doing anything major or centralizing their data etc. If that's all you need to do. You can do most of it on your phone. I tried Garuda Linux recently and It could see one but not all the computers and not the NAS. It used Samba in the background. Samba has been broken for years so I'm not surprised it failed. That's my rant for the day ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. Another M$ joke:-
    It was 31st December 1999 and God decided that he will destroy the world, but he wanted to notify the humans first. So, he invited 3 people to tell them of the fact so that they could go back and inform their people. The first was Indian Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee, second was china's Dingling Pingling (or whatever that filthy creature of darkness is called) and the last was M$'s Billy Goats and told them of the fact.
    Vajpayee came back and to;d his people, "I have a good news and a bad news. The good news is that we have found God at last. Bad news – he'll destroy the world."
    Dingling Pingling went back and told its people, "I have bad news and a worse news. Bad news is that God exists and worse news he is going to destroy the world."
    Billy Goats went back and told his men, "I have good news and better news. The good news is God thinks I am the most important person on Earth, better news is Y2K problem has been solved."

  3. One of the few Linux channels that can appreciate other OSs features. ๐Ÿ‘

  4. A couple of things distro watch doesn't list that you would have a lot of viewers attention doing a video of at least I'd make sure to watch it. Distro's that are nvidia ready like Manjaro gives you proprietary drivers in the live installer even. The other one is not only nvidia but it's tough to find a desktop distro that scales well to 4k and I haven't seen one that does 8k at all and these are now more common since tv's are cheap and linux distro's haven't been keeping up like Apple did. I did one distro "can't remember" and I hit in display scale 2x and the entire desktop on my 4k tv went to a tinier "Opposite of what was intended" version all of the OS showing only in the top left 1/4 of the tv, huge oversite of the distro maintainer on that flub. Heck Linux should already have kernel support for higher resolution desktops since they've been around for over 10 years and maybe even 20 years and they are ignoring it like it'll go away. So 4k and nvidia would be great video's to do but only installs not virtual installs since they are a lot different since one may work but not installing on metal just virtually.

  5. I always look forward to the "usual suspects" line when passing through the file manager๐Ÿ˜…

  6. I found Elementary and Pantheon to be IMHO too overrated. The iconography and windowing seemed to be a misfit for a "modern" UI.
    Hello does not seem to have been updated for more than a year.
    Ubuntu Budgie seems to be the best looking Budgie and possibly Ubuntu spin.

  7. AMD Ryzen Pro chips with Microsoft Pluton wonโ€™t boot Linux

  8. For me its not necessarily about making my desktop look like Windows but rather I find the general workflow of Windows (Bottom single bar) to be way more practical than the dual top bat bottom dock layout. I have customized KDE to have its own look that is based on a single bottom bar.

    My reasons for preferring a bottom bar vs the top bar bottom dock is as follows. I prefer my top window border to go right to the top of my screen. Its makes it easier to hit the windows close button when I dont have to aim lower than the top bar. Of course you can set the top bar to hide but then I find it interferes with managing tabs with a browser window. I also dont like the double thickness of the top bar AND a top window border. As for the bottom bar I cannot get used to looking for the clock in anything but a bottom right corner. Ive tried so many layout and I just cant work with them. Additionally setting a botton bar to hide interferes much less with other programs than a top bar.

    Additionally sometime people have said to me if you wan't something to look or feel like Windows why not just use Windows. IMO this is dumb reasoning. Just because I like SOME aspects of the way Windows looks and behaves does not mean that I like Windows. I prefer Linux's customizability. Its freedom. Its smaller size and its better perfomance. I prefer its security and I generally love the concept of open source "by the people for the people" But I do like the way some things look and behave from Windows. Heck If I had any experience of it I'd probably like some things from MacOS too.

    That said I might one day run PopOS!

  9. 16:28 I really want that Mac OS feel in Nobara Linux with a global menu bar! ๐Ÿ˜€ If there is no global menu bar at the top, it does not have that Mac OS look and feel.

  10. GhostBSD is another fun FreeBSD distro. I was able to boot it and slap cinnamon on it in a few minutes.

  11. I'm working on an immutable distro based on OpenSUSE MicroOS that will look a lot like MacOS.

  12. I never want my Linux os look like windows or Macos, which are, I believe, years back compared to Linux desktops.

  13. I like cinnamon because it does have that look of windows but the look of windows 95 or 98. Also Nemo files manager is the best.

  14. I chose the Gnome desktop when I finally switched to Linux because I didn't want a Windows look alike.

  15. Yep, I have a thing for budgie. Seems great for bird brains ๐Ÿฆœ
    Thank you eBuzz!

  16. Zorin OS definitely has a windows look (if you choose that look, there are other options) . It looks nice (I like how windows 11 looks, just dont like all the other crap with windows).

  17. Hope you don't mind, Troy. After the intro, I skipped directly to Hello. Very interesting; I can't remember when I last saw something looking so simple (design-wise) yet so beautiful. Truly!
    That being said, I have never even booted any of the Free BSD OS'. They scare me!

  18. Pop_OS is such a fun OS. I can't wait to fool around with it when they release their own DE.

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