Join me at the “Awakening Creativity” conference next week

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A few years ago, I help what was at the time the biggest ever online summit for Innovation and Creativity.

In it, more than 50 experts from the fields of creativity and innovation came together to share their thoughts, research, experience and insights with me about how to become more creative and actually have those ideas deliver value. Thousands of people attended, and continue to pay for access to the interviews years later.

Now, I’m pleased to be on the other side of the stage, as one of the keynote sessions with the 2021 “Awakening Creativity” Summit by Being&Doing.

It runs from 27th September to 1st October, with new sessions available every day.

And it is free to join.

When it comes to such online events, one of the first things I always judge is whether the speakers can be trusted. Do they have the credentials, experience and authority in their field for their insights to actually help you improve your own creative performance.

And while I am one of the guests, some of the other guests are experts I can vouch for directly as well, having learned much from their experience.

People like:

  • Prof Arne Dietrich
  • Mitch Ditkoff
  • Cyndi Burnett
  • Dorte Nielsen
  • Fabienne Jacquet
  • Patti Clark

So if you want to take advantage of the rare chance to hear from these experts as well as more than 40 others, sign up for the Awakening Creativity summit for free now.

But do it fast, the sessions start in a few days.