Is everyone creative?

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Everyone is creative.

The challenge is that not everyone feels creative.

Maybe you fall into this camp.

Because a lot of people do.

Often when I am giving keynote speeches or workshops, I will ask the very simple question:

Are you creative?

And I am always amazed that a large proportion of people respond by saying that they are not creative.

This is such a shame, because everyone is born creative.

And everyone remains able to be creative throughout their lives.

What changes is how people are conditioned and taught to think of their own creativity.

And how they begin to compare themselves to other, more successful people they think are creative.

This leads many people to feel like they are less creative than they really are.

The good news is, no matter how creative you feel like you are now, research shows that you can improve your creative performance.

By adopting certain habits and retraining our thought processes, you can improve your creative performance once again.

Yes, everyone is creative. And everyone can improve their creativity further as well.

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