Ideas for an innovation like project that’s not too hard or complicated, but still new?…

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Hello everyone. I hope this is alright to post.

In my class, our physics teacher has submitted the whole class to something called Science Cup. I think it sounds fun, but it is quite difficult to come up with a project to work on. Basically, we have to find a problem in our daily lives that we think is annoying/unhealthy etc. and needs a fix.

Some of the criteria are:

  • It has to involve either physics, chemistry or math (and involve multiple).
  • It has to either be something new, something that can be improved, or something that can be used in a different way than it already is (but then we have to change it a little).
  • Has to have something to do with FN's 17 Sustainable Development Goals (not that hard/important. Can almost put anything onto "good health & well-being", but still).
  • It has to be something that isn't too difficult for us to make. I mean, no crazy complicated things. Also can't cost a lot or it won't be possible to make a prototype.
  • It has to be good or neutral for the environment.

So… Any ideas?

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