How could we slow a virus without crashing the economy?

Let's imagine a new normal where outbreaks like we're seeing with COVID-19 happen perhaps 2-3X annually in any given part of the world.

You must find a way to slow the spread WITHOUT isolating people.

Simply finding a cure isn't a solution, because there are prone to be new things that spread in proximity to others (ie via coughing, sneezing or contact).

If money were no object, what might a nation need to do to slow the spread of a series of viruses to a manageable level within these constraints?

  • without restricting people to their homes,
  • without closing schools and restaurants
  • without cancelling events and social gatherings
  • without closing businesses and halting the economy

I'll start… I'm not saying it's a great idea… It's just an idea to start the conversation.

What if there were a device / high end mask worn over the face that allows interaction with others? And what if a nation were to provide them to everyone in the country?

Whenever an outbreak reaches a certain level, a local, regional or national order might be issued… "Masks on." No people are permitted in public places without their masks for X days.

Could innovation allow an economy to keep running? People to keep working and spending money while still slowing the spread? What would the trade-offs be? How would the trade-offs compare to those we are making today?

Your turn…. Share your ideas!

I have no agenda… Just have time on my hands and looking to discuss ideas with other creative thinkers.

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