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Housing market needs ‘radical out-of-the-box thinking’

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Chris Alexander, President of RE/MAX Canada, talks with Financial Post’s Larysa Harapyn about how the housing market needs ‘radical out-of-the-box’ thinking.

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7 thoughts on “Housing market needs ‘radical out-of-the-box thinking’

  1. Not enough is said or done about real estate agents manipulating this market. We have a mostly secret system based on trust with every incentive built in to abuse that trust. Look where it got us.

  2. This message is for the common man not investors or speculators: This a case of in life order to move forward you have destroy what is causing the issue and rebuild with careful intent with safe guards and measures to assure this never happens again. The problem first starts with cheap credit. Raise interest rates by at least 8 percent or higher. Canadians are hooked on cheap credit. Then you have to ban foreign investors & local investors, band real estate companies or numbered companies from buying homes only allowing them to buy commercial property like office buildings, strip malls, plazas etc. A home is a place to live not a finical product. First stop stop building shoe box sized condo's the are already enough of them that just waste valuable land, next we need no more of this "everyone needs a home but not in my backyard" mentality. Build more homes and rental buildings in communities already existing. Do not and I repeat do not touch the green belt. Next only Canadian citizens living in the country and paying taxes can own property. Next ban foreign investors from buying homes using family members who are citizens in Canada. Then sadly you have slow immigration numbers significantly to give home grown Canadians a chance to owning a home. These are all measures I sure someone will comment that your insane this just will destroy they market and cause chaos. Well that's happens when you decide to cause chaos by keeping interest rates low & by turning a home into a investment slash retirement plan it's causes mayhem for the younger generations who pay taxes to a system that does not benefit them. Also punishing savers who suffer at to the hands of borrowers. Next someone will comment the government will never do this because real estate makes up to much of our GDP and would a national sovereign debt crisis. That may be true but then tell the truth that young Canadians save up and leave Canada there's nothing left here for you. You are modern day peasants who work the land and pay taxes to system that you can never afford a home. Well that will never happen and things won't change so here's my message. Young Canadians save up and leave Canada there's nothing left here for you but high inflation, debt, high taxes, high cost of living and homes you'll never be able to afford and a collapsing healthcare system. If choose to stay you've decided you want to rent for the rest of your life. Never own property so you can start stable family and a stable life. You can not build a stable family renting or if you have than one child living in a shoe box sized condo your place will be destroyed. That is the fate you have decided if you shall choose to stay.

  3. Can you do the reports:
    1. Stop Printing Cash
    2. Stop Used Tax Payers
    3. Bank Of Canada – Stop Inflation
    4. OSFI – Audit Loans Mortgage Application – Where Money Come From
    5. Home Prices – Correction

  4. Your taking to a Realtor. As if he gives a sh*t. He’s happy with whatever is happening. He’s making insane money. He’s v happy with the present situation.

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