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Horror Short Film "Other Side of the Box" | ALTER

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Late one night, a young couple receives a mysterious package from an old friend.

Other Side of the Box by Caleb J. Phillips

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More About “Other Side of the Box” :
On a normal Winter night Ben and Rachel are called upon by their estranged friend Shawn, who has brought a gift. Things quickly escalate when they open the box and realize something is trying to get out.

“Other Side of the Box” Credits
BEN – Nick Tag
RACHEL – Teagan Rose
SHAWN – Josh Schell
MAN IN THE BOX – Tyler Pochop

DIRECTOR – Caleb J. Phillips
WRITTEN BY – Caleb J. Phillips & Nick Tag
PRODUCED BY – Caleb J. Phillips , Nick Tag, Nick Coppola
MUSIC BY – Avery Kentis

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20 thoughts on “Horror Short Film "Other Side of the Box" | ALTER

  1. When the Box Monster had it's hand raised to pull the fan light cord off and Ben looked away at the other Box Monsters and click goes the lights and it went straight to credits that was terrifying I wonder what they did to Ben and Rachel

  2. I wouldn't have gone looking for Shawn, I would've gone looking for a lighter and some wood cuz it's safe to say I'd be having a bonfire that day🤭

  3. am i the only one getting Doctor Who Weeping Angel vibes here? fantastic short, really enjoyed the ending

  4. Dr who….weeping angels…..just worse….their eyes move

  5. Lmaoo why would he leave his gf with a box monster? 😂 She’s dead because of him.

    In my opinion, Sean was in a relationship with Rachel and Ben and Sean were best friends.

    Rachel and Ben have an affair which ultimately ruins their friendship.

    Over time, somehow Sean gets The Box and he managers to beat it at its own game, or he makes a deal with it. No one knows for sure how he got it.

    Maybe he conjured it or something. Anyways, Sean goes over to Bens place making sure Ben was home alone, giving him the box.

    Upon realizing Ben wasn’t home alone the entire time, Sean is livid because his plan was to get his revenge on Ben for ruining their friendship. Not so much Rachel for cheating.

    That’s just my opinion. 😅🤷🏽‍♀️

  6. The line " you're making me wet" was such an amazing set up that went completely over my head.

  7. Call the police, buy cameras, call your neighbors. That thing would come into a building where it’s constantly being watched and never could escape in a million years and then become a urban legend

  8. That's some real superhot crap right there

  9. U shut u posted an Nektar man I watch this part in tik tok

  10. As horror coneseur (forgive the spelling) this is one of the greatest plots/storys Ive ever witnessed. Absolutely incredible. Sure they couldve just called the cops n some other people but the potential is still phenomenal. Easy to look past the small problems

  11. Here this was bloody incredible. I need answers though. Why did he give him the box

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