Have an innovative story you want to tell? Get paid 1$ per word.

Have an innovative story you want to tell? Get paid 1$ per word.
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Do you have brilliant insights to share with the C-level audience on topics and trends in technology, innovation and business? Let’s publish them on the Xinova blog. We’ll pay you $1-per-word for thoughtful, expert-opinion articles that would stylistically work in publications like The Atlantic, NY Times Tuesday Science & Technology, WIRED, and Harvard Business Review.

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Theme: Geography of Innovation

This opportunity’s theme is, Geography of innovation. Where is innovation shifting? As innovation becomes increasingly more global, what countries are leading what kinds of innovation and industries? And what does this mean to the executive?

We want your article to answer the theme of geographical innovation while demonstrating thought leadership. You can choose to write on these topics or think of your own. If that is the case, the topics above are meant to help you brainstorm and think about related topics on geography related innovation. Our goal is to help you understand what you can write about related to geographical innovation so we can pay you to write about it. Examples of writings to help you think are: Singapore as the Next Global Tech Hub, Emerging Markets more Innovative than America.

Apply here: Write for Xinova

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