Global Issue Meets Innovation in the UAE!

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The use of animal scale modeling to avoid injury to humans and the use of agricultural waste to minimize the environmental effects of plastic are just some of the ways in which students solve global problems.

In Dubai’s Architecture City, the Global Grad Show was held. The festival, back for its sixth year, featured 50 student projects addressing challenges faced by communities worldwide. Out of 1,600 entries from 270 institutions in 60 countries, these proposals have been shortlisted.

The submitted projects gave an insight into the top concerns for university research across the planet. They have been put into the following 5 categories:

  1. Living with Illness and Disability.
  2. Coping in a Complex World.
  3. Saving and Protecting Vulnerable Lives.
  4. Cleaning a Waste Filled Planet.
  5. Sustaining the Urban Experience.

The bulk of entries came into two categories,’ Dealing with Sickness and Injury’ and ‘Coping in a Complex Environment’ at this year’s Global Grad Show edition. When Euronews spoke to Tadeu Baldani Caravieri, the Managing Director of Global Grad Show he said, “Our focus is the work of university students who are looking for solutions for social and environmental problems. So at the very beginning of the pandemic, we realised we had a very robust group of people whose work is to come up with solutions for complex challenges that humanity is facing”.

The ‘Alternative Habitats’ is the brainchild of Rana Salah of Sharjah’s American University, a UAE undergraduate. Her research looks at the reverse osmosis desalination mechanism and how this might enable structures to be designed.

In order to create a spatial structure that can be occupied within a structural context, the mass that is produced organically by this method must then be formed.


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