Fundamentally Innovative Computer Hardware with Awesome Claims: for artificial intelligence, audio & visual search, semantic search, computer vision, cloud computing, object recognition, etc. AWS OpenSearch plug-in emerging, multiple beta testers

GSI Technology (GSIT) patented innovative semiconductor chip, Gemini APU, unique hardware expanding the scope of data processing capabilities. Claims of superior capacity and energy efficiency for many applications. In-Place processing and computing model.

“The APU – Associative Processing Unit is Non-Von type of computing that accelerates AI, Computer vision, Search, and cybersecurity applications by a factor of up to 1000X. APU is changing the concept of computing from serial data processing – where data is moved back and forth between the processor and memory – to massive parallel data processing, compute, and search in-place directly in the main processing array using access by content vs access by address.”


Amazon AWS OpenSearch k-NN plug-in, SaaS expansion anticipated

Working on AWS OpenSearch and ElasticSearch projects for audio and visual data search, vector search, semantic search.

Prospects for other applications; Synthetic Aperture Radar, drug discovery, cybersecurity, e-commerce, etc. Multiple beta testers / POC.

1st prize in MAFAT Radar Competition, hosted by Israel Defense. Radar signal processing and ID.

Upcoming: NeurIPS conference, search challenge for “nearest labor search” includes GSI as competitor, organizer and judge on panel with Microsoft

First official APU Advisor, Gur Kimchi, formerly Amazon, Microsoft, etc. Started Amazon drone project.

“We believe that the TAM for APU search applications is approximately $137 billion in 2021, growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 20% to $287 billion by 2025, and that the Serviceable Available Market (SAM) is $4.5 billion in 2021, anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 21% to $10 billion by 2025…"

Oh yeah, GSI also near to marketing their other new product, radiation tolerant processors. NASA project in motion. Could perhaps combine to make radiation-hard APU chips.

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