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EXCELLENT TRICK to BREAK OUT of The Box – No Scales Needed

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Helpful Trick to Learn the Neck Quickly – Use It NOW – No System Needed
Hey gang. I, like many of you, started off playing lead strictly in the blues box. Something that really opened up my playing is a super-easy trick I’m going to show you today – and it’s so easy. No system needed.

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17 thoughts on “EXCELLENT TRICK to BREAK OUT of The Box – No Scales Needed

  1. I am your age Mark, I remember those days before Youtube, and everything else! If you wanted to learn the new riffs of the day, you were on your own!!! Other guitarists were not privy to share the little tricks they had!!! You were on your own. ,!!! People now days don't know how lucky they are !!! Brother,,, your a wealth of info! 😎✌

  2. Hey Mark, as an older player I've been having a bit of trouble playing my solos using alternate picking. I too stumbled on this lesson..and remembered doing and these same kind of licks. Any help with using alternative picking in these lessons. Thanks…not a very fast soloist??

  3. What are the notes in the lick you played in A.
    Better yet is there a tab of the lock you used in this.

  4. Hi Mark I was wondering if you did a video on guitar lesson how to use Syncopation if so did it get deleted. Cause I thought you did.

  5. Wow! This really blew my mind. Mark, I stumbled across your video and am so glad I found it. I have gotten interested in playing again after an eight year hiatus. Unfortunately, I wasn’t dedicated and patient enough to learn my pentatonic scales back when I was a teenager. I think your trick finally made it “click” for me.
    Thanks for getting me interested in playing again! Keep up the content.

    Thank you, Mark!🤝

  6. Hi Mark,
    Thank you for another great tutorial and approach to studying the fretboard.

  7. Love your lessons Mark!
    Any chance of doing the solo to Rose of Cimarron by Poco?

  8. Excellent lesson Mark 👏 brilliant as always…this is a very useful technique!🦉 you never told us if you took 1st place at the jam session that day? Happy St. Patrick's Day Everyone🍀Thanks Mark! 🖤 Kris IL 🦋

  9. Hi Mark great lesson, hey I’ve clicked the various links and can’t seem to locate the tabs for this lesson, is it in one of the paid sections? Thanks!

  10. Great idea, good way to learn fret board, what kind of Tele is that?

  11. Mark, thank you for that good lesson. What songs have you been playing lately for fun I wonder?

  12. Is that an Ovation ? Can’t make out the name on the headstock.

  13. Mark, fantastic idea and approach. What brand of guitar are you playing?

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