Disrupting the Energy sector with Open Innovation (for social good)

Disrupting the Energy sector with Open Innovation (for social good)
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Hi everyone – in these troubling times, would you be willing to offer your thoughts on how energy-related data insights might be able to serve social good?

This drive comes from UK Power Networks, who own and maintain the electricity cables in South East England, the East of England and London.

Your input would be hugely valuable as they seek the creativity and inspiration of Open Data and analytics professionals, to help understand the potential of the network and asset datasets owned by UK Power Networks.

How could data about network and asset performance help in the fight against COVID-19? How might they help local government with planning and service provision to vulnerable people? And what might the learnings be from the financial sector, given the evolution of Open Finance in recent years?

If this interests you and you'd like to contribute, please follow this link where these topics are covered in more detail, and feel free to offer any thoughts.

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