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Conservative Dad Hates Her Daughter's "Out Of The Box" Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

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This bride’s conservative dad wants her to wear a classic white dress but she would prefer to wear something more out of the box that reflects her personality.

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20 thoughts on “Conservative Dad Hates Her Daughter's "Out Of The Box" Dress | Say Yes To The Dress Atlanta

  1. He wants her to look biblical, and that means white. NO! There is nowhere in the bible that says brides must wear white. The pink was the best looking on her. The others pronounced her tummy.

  2. Ok I know that this dad is kinda a huge b!tch… but his eyes are like shockingly blue.. like it’s scary lol

  3. I think her dad was winding her up by voting 'yes' for the first dress. He was smiling and he knew it was hideous.

  4. Dress #66 looked really bad on her to be honest! No daddy, no! Haha.

    But you gotta make a decision before 30 dresses seriously…

  5. The first dress with that back is actually the most hiddeous i have ever seen on this show xD

  6. I actually liked the last white dress she had on the best, but it's her dress and her wedding so she should wear what she likes!

  7. I hate that father. I'd wear a black one just to show him he doesn't own me.

  8. 🐼 Big Panda Bear Hugs from a 69 yr old grandma in Texas, USA. 🐼 ❀ πŸŽ€ πŸ‘ πŸ§šβ€β™‚ 🐈 🧚 πŸ€

  9. the pink dress was very flattering for her size. the bodice created her a nice waist and her bust looks great in it. she also looked feminine and she glowed

  10. Daddy needs to shove it white didn't even become a thing for wedding dresses until the queen of England made it popular.

  11. There's nothing "biblical" about wedding gowns. In fact, white gowns became fashionable when one was worn by Queen Victoria. The virginal connotation is outdated and frankly vile.

  12. I cant get but so irritated with the parents or guests because the bride needs to just straight up defend herself. I mean "i love you momma but i don't give a real damn about your OPINION I'm leaving in whatever dress i want"((especially if its not outlandish price and or im the one paying))the only real reason to invite anyone to these events is so they can enjoy the experience.

  13. Tradition is nothing more than being bullied by dead people. Wear the pink one!

  14. they couldn't find a white tull princess dress?? this is all for drama…

  15. Seriously, the pink is the problem but the cleavage is okay? Interesting……

  16. That dress comes in ivory also. Why didn't they tell them? That father with the southern accent talking about "pur-i-tee" is nauseatingly sexist. Do the grooms have to be "pure" too?

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