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"Carrot in a Box" Jimmy Carr IN TEARS After Game with Sean Lock & Jon Richardson! | 8 Out of 10 Cats

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Jimmy Carr hosts a hilarious game of ‘Carrot in a Box’, Sean Lock vs Jon Richardson!

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20 thoughts on “"Carrot in a Box" Jimmy Carr IN TEARS After Game with Sean Lock & Jon Richardson! | 8 Out of 10 Cats

  1. Jon (couldn't care less): I can't wait to win this carrot.

    Poor sod had no idea what that carrot would mean to him.

  2. British humor is the worst. This is why you lost your empire. Boo, Britain.

  3. I think everyone there. I think everyone watching was convinced Sean, originally, had a carrot in his box! RIP Sean. well done. Twice!!

  4. Sadly missed…rumour has it Jon's psychologist went broke after Sean's passing.

  5. The beginning of his reign as carrot in the box champion. RIP Sean

  6. Sean Lock. Forever undefeated Carrot in a Box champion.

  7. Sean Lock is that uncle who can always get one up on you in monopoly and you can never figure out how.

  8. This is one of those all time great comedy tv moments. It’s right up there with the chandelier scene from Only Fools And Horses. Sean Lock will be sorely missed

  9. Sean Lock’s bluff was so deep that we couldn’t even tell he was the only one of the three to support playing this game in the pitch meeting. Jimmy and Jon both shrugged and Sean said “let’s do it” (source Jimmy Carr interview on his channel)

  10. 1:15 right here when he pretended to try grab it, thats when he won LOL

  11. Sean did not address Jon even once! Not once did he TRY to convince Jon. Yet he did. What a legend. RIP.

  12. Peter Andre still trying to work out the rules 😂

  13. Its so contrived. I agree with Sean (RIP), this is s stupid and lame rip-off of the original ‘Asp in the Box” skit.

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