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A unique technological installation for pre-sowing processing of seed material with an increase in yield of 10-60%+

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Microwave plant for pre-sowing seed treatment "Parostok"
The potential possibilities of microwave technology for increasing the efficiency of obtaining products with new, higher consumer qualities have earned the recognition of active and progressive agricultural specialists.
In Ukraine, as a result of pioneering developments, design and technological improvements, as well as more than twenty years of experience and testing, a "Microwave installation for pre-sowing seed treatment" has been developed, manufactured and prepared for practical use, which has proven its high economic efficiency, prospects and versatility in processing and disinfection of various seeds of agricultural crops.
The essence of the proposed technology lies in the fact that with microwave stimulation of the nucleus of the seed cell, there is a significant increase in its internal energy and potential, which in turn leads to a 2-4 times increase in the energy of their germination and germination, volume (up to 3 times) and the strength of the root system (including before wintering winter crops), increasing frost and drought resistance, reducing by 10 – 12 days the ripening time of the crop.
Also extremely important, both economically and ecologically, the effect of disinfecting seeds from diseases and pests, which is present in parallel with pre-sowing stimulation, without the use of pesticides.
The technology of microwave seed treatment was developed in Odessa, and the pilot implementation was carried out in different regions of Ukraine: Odessa, Ivano-Frankovsk, Vinnitsa, Zaporozhye, Nikolaev, etc. Almost everywhere more than positive results were obtained. The research results and application experience were summarized by the Ministry of Agrarian Industry of Ukraine in the Methodological Recommendations "Technology of microwave processing of agricultural seeds".
As an example of the successful application of the proposed technology, we present the results obtained at the APF "Alex" of the Zaporozhye region, officially presented and published in the collection "Microwave technologies in the national economy", vol. 7-8 by the head of the Firm V.V. Pankeev.
It should be noted that the said Firm is a seed company, i.e. with increased requirements for the quality of products. Sown area – 6 thousand hectares. The total increase in the yield due to an increase in the yield of seed grain of winter wheat varieties "Soyuz" and "Victoria", etc. for 5 years of widespread use of innovative technology fluctuated from year to year within 15-27%, amounted to more than 11 thousand tons and plus more than UAH 1.5 million due to the abandonment of pesticides. As a guide, on average, about 1400 tons of wheat seeds of winter and spring varieties were processed using microwave technology per year. To reliably quantify the% increase in yield, the farm used several plots of 10 hectares, which were sown with untreated seeds.
Thus, the use of the installation of MB-stimulation of seed material significantly increases the field germination of seeds, accelerates the vegetation of plants, increases their resistance to drought, frost, "fuses", pests and pathogens, and most importantly – increases the productivity of almost all agricultural crops, which can be decisive. importance for the overall economic result of the operation of the economy, especially in conditions of risky farming (first of all, drought). It should also be noted separately that the new properties of seeds obtained by microwave treatment are retained for several months, which makes it possible to prepare the seed material in advance. In the proposed installation, the disadvantages that hindered the widespread introduction of promising highly efficient innovative technology are almost completely eliminated. The Science Park recommends that those interested in MB-processing of agricultural seeds use the Microwave installation and the technology of working on it on affordable, flexible and mutually beneficial terms.

The Scientific Park of Preventive Medicine and Labor Protection – Latest Systems and Technologies is a partner of the Manufacturer in terms of market search, organization of implementation, personnel training, warranty, technical, service and operator services and support.

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Odessa, Ukraine. 2022

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