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30 Minute Boxing + Toning Workout | DANCE OUT OF THE BOX by Deja Riley

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DANCE OUT OF THE BOX is a fitness method created by Host of PopSugar’s Dance FitSugar + NASM-CPT, Deja Riley. It combines dance + shadowboxing giving you a high energy, rhythmic workout that is bound to make you smile while you sweat. Check out this new choreography series every THURSDAY at 12 pm PST/3 pm EST and get ready to LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE wherever you are!

Directed + Edited by Pete Petitti
Make-Up: Bobbie Riley
Sponsored by PUMA
Sweat Squad: Deja Riley + Reanna Holt + Gabby McNeill + Meesh Harvey + Amanda Garcia

Review your boxing stance, hop into a warm-up + hit some total body toning with boxing and dance in this 30 minute workout to original music by JARED BRADY! Be sure to SUBSCRIBE, LIKE, COMMENT, SHARE + check out more DANCE OUT OF THE BOX every Thursday at 12 pm PST 💥

20 thoughts on “30 Minute Boxing + Toning Workout | DANCE OUT OF THE BOX by Deja Riley

  1. so happy I remembered this exists😍 i was about to do a popsugar one that had you but you weren’t leading, and seeing you i was reminded of this ! still so magical. perfect music and your moves have the best rhythm to go with it.

  2. I remember Amanda from other videos and she looks incredible !!

  3. just did this again! The serotonin on the soaring dance move and the jumping knee lifts was real! I would love love love another workout in this excellent format ❤️❤️❤️

  4. this is incredible, this method is incredible ohhhhh my god loved it

  5. Love U Deja, me and my little daughter Aurora love your super fantastic workouts. You're so incredibile, energic, inspirational woman. Every workout with you is a soul relief.
    Thanks, Vanessa from Calabria, Italy.

  6. Great as always this morning! Thank you!, 🥰

  7. One of my favoritesTThank you Deja and ladies for another inspiring session.The power is our heart not in our hands! .. #Dejapower

  8. I just did this again. This might be my favorite @dejariley workout! The music is so fun and is incorporated really well into the workout as well

  9. This is my FAVORITE workout! I love it! Thank you, Deja! You're the best ^_^

  10. Looks like a great workout. I'm glad I found her channel. I love her from 10 rounds.

  11. Deja! I'm so glad I found you have a youtube channel. You're my favvv on popsugar!!

  12. Love this so much Deja! Love how positive and happy you are ❤❤ always look forward to your workouts!

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