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8 thoughts on “3 things to improve your Ruger 10/22 out of the box

  1. Some other things you might want to think about: an extended magazine release and extended charging handle. Brownells has some for cheap that I like (affiliate link):

  2. You missed one crucial step on the 10-22 and that's playing around with the action screws torque for accuracy makes a BIG difference on POI…..

  3. I have 10/22's and continually wonder why in the hell Ruger still uses that ridiculous bolt catch when everyone seems to hate it. It there a reason I don't see?? JimE

  4. You do not need cheeck raiser at all if your face is long as mine! I found very uncomfortable cheek raisers in my case, I can not use them, anyway very good video, I would also put a better trigger since the original is not the best as all!!!

  5. I actually only bought my first 10/22 this year. I really enjoy it but just like the rest of us in the "i hate money club" i'm already going way beyond these suggestions for customizations. lol

  6. Hopefully you mention smoothing out the bolt catch……….. and 10 seconds in you said it. NICE

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