Exploring Creative Thinking Techniques

Exploring Creative Thinking Techniques


It is often that some people wonder how another person is gifted with the ability to have techniques that seem to not exist in themselves.
It may be true that you are not the vibration for the kind of creative ability of that person, or you maybe are not allowing yourself to become that person.
Making your own Creative Thinking Techniques
You may not realize it but inside of you is a series of Creative Thinking Techniques that you have and don’t realize you can tap right into it whenever you want.
Have you ever had a day where your creative juices are flowing? All of these ideas are coming to you and you don’t know from where or how.
The first thing you need to understand is this, it is hard to be creative when you are stressed, upset, or worried about time.
So the question is what do you need to do to get out of this state of mind. It’s one word, Relax.
The more you get upset about not coming up with an idea, the better your chances of not successfully being creative are.
Because how we feel creates different vibrational patterns inside of us, we need to be at the vibrational level that our creative mind operates on.
Albert Einstein said this: “We can’t solve problems by being in the same kind of thinking we were in when we created them.”

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