Stephen Key April 2017 East Coast Tour Preview

Stephen Key April 2017 East Coast Tour Preview

4th — Toronto, Canada (
April 6th — Albany, NY (
April 7th — Cambridge, MA (
April 10th — Manhattan, NY (
April 12th — Philadelphia, PA (
April 17th — Washington D.C. (

The first 20 attendees win a copy of his ebook “Getting In” for free!

Do you have ideas for new products? Let internationally renowned licensing expert and “One Simple Idea” author Stephen Key show you how to bring them to market quickly and without spending a fortune.

During his presentation, Key will explain:

— How to search for prior art. Just how unique is your idea?
— How to write an inexpensive provisional patent application for the U.S. market that stops workarounds and copycats, and therefore actually has value. Establishing perceived ownership is key! Get in the game for a mere $65.
— How to motivate powerful companies to become your go-to-market partner. Open innovation is more popular than ever, which is fantastic news for creative people.
— How to get your licensee to agree to pay for a non-provisional patent to be filed in your name moving forward. Aka, win-win negotiation strategy.

About 97 percent of all patents filed with the United States Patent and Trademark Office never actually make any money.

Stephen Key is intent on changing that.

For 16 years now, he’s been helping his students negotiate licensing agreements day in and day out. What do all of the contracts that hit his desk have in common? There are no patents to speak of.

Calling all product developers, designers, entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, makers, tinkerers, DIY enthusiasts, and hobbyists! If you have ideas for new products you want to bring to market, you do not want to miss this event.

About Stephen Key: Between his bestselling book about licensing, widely read magazine columns, popular YouTube channel, and groundbreaking one-on-one coaching program inventRight, Stephen Key has shown hundreds of thousands of people around the world how to license their ideas for new products.

Most of the dozens of ideas Key licensed himself required no intellectual property protection whatsoever. But he also knows what it takes to protect a big idea. Key successfully defended his ownership of Spinformation — a rotating label innovation featured on multiple products, protected by 20 patents, and the recipient of more than 13 industry awards — in Federal Court against the world’s largest toy company. His products have retailed in Walmart, 7-Eleven, and Disney stores and theme parks worldwide and been endorsed by Michael Jordan, Alex Trebek, and Taylor Swift.

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inventRight is a one-on-one coaching program that has helped people from more than 40 countries license their ideas for new products. It was founded by Andrew Krauss and Stephen Key in 2001. Visit for more information and to become their student.

Call -800-701-7993 to set up an appointment with Andrew or another member of the inventRight team to discuss how we can help you license your ideas.

New to licensing? Read inventRight cofounder Stephen Key’s bestselling book “One Simple Idea: Turn Your Dreams Into a Licensing Goldmine While Letting Others Do the Work.” Find it here:

Want to learn how to license your product ideas without a patent? Stephen’s book “Sell Your Ideas With or Without a Patent” explains exactly how. Find it here:

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