Barriers to Creativity and Innovation

Barriers to Creativity and Innovation

Francine Gordon, Founder/CEO at Womennovation, Organizer of TEDxBayArea Women. She said her focus is on how to be overcome the to create but you can have without . She is describing that what is the relationship between creativity and innovation. The difference is that it is coming up with a new idea and that is about the process, a product, service, might even a new position in market place. But having a new idea is not enough because a lot of people have wonderful ideas and they don’t do anything with it. So the difference is creating some kind of value. Any of these can be a value:

– Time
– Quality of life
– Money
– Efficiency
– Error reduction
– Availability

So what is that gets in the way we are talking about five

1. Judgments:
She had an interesting activity to understand about the judgment. When you are working with other people you are thinking about that they all are excited about they come and they say I have got this great idea and you say yes but really mean to stop them. Usually when you have a conversation with people you not consciously saying stop they are they are stopping. We are in a mode where we more likely to look for a positive and negative.

2. Perceptions:
Sometimes when we see the world, we see from our own perspective and we don’t realize there are other points of view.

3. Assumptions:
She defines assumption as mistaking belief for a fact. So what you need to do is test it. Actually go see is it what I think is it real and sometimes the worst people to ask are the experts.

4. Habits:
Break the habits of what you are doing from long time and what you are. Try to question the things that you are doing.

5. Fear of failure:
Failure is the eye of the beholder. It is first of all an inevitable part of creativity. If you are doing something new, high definition of chances that it is not going to work. It’s a learning experience. Edison famously said, I haven’t failed thousand times I found a thousand ways a light bulb won’t work. It’s a mindset.

Innovation starts with creativity. There are few points to understand the concept are:
– Adopt a ‘Yes And’ mentality.
– Consider a different point of view.
– Break habits of mind and being.
– Test and retest assumptions.
– Accept failure as a part of the learning process.

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