7 Basics About Creativity, Innovation, and Change | Presentation

7 Basics About Creativity, Innovation, and Change | Presentation

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Author: Dr. Serhat TATLI, CEO | Entrepreneur | Strategist | Değişim Doktoru® | Consultant | Keynote Speaker | TV&Radio Programmer | Lecturer |
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2. TO START… “When the rate of change outside is more than what it is inside, be sure that the end is near” Azim Premji
3. NO.1 They are not events, but instead each of them are processes. The essential prerequisite is to exhibit a focused process management together with a visionary leadership as an optimized mix. All of them are processes:
4. NO.2 Change is the process of moving from a current state to a desired future state. Creativity is the process of bringing new ideas out of the box. Innovation is the process of transforming these new ideas into effective end products, services, or processes. Definitions should be made simple:
5. NO.3 As can be seen also from the definitions, they are different concepts but they act in a complimentary manner. Use of anyone instead of the other is a crucial mistake that you should avoid. They are not substitutable:
6. NO.4 There is a huge mistake underestimating the role of effective management against leadership in many cases. Change needs much leadership than innovation. On the other hand innovation needs much management than creativity. This mix also affects the human side as a factor of success & failure in change related initiatives. Leadership & Management mix differs for each:
7. NO.5 An organization cannot change as a whole at the same instance of creativity and innovation. Each of these has specific intra-dynamics, like resistance to change, in need of different time lines but interconnected to each other in an orderly and cyclical basis. They do not happen simultaneously:
8. NO.6 Creativity and innovation are sources of effective change. Creative ideas might be named as innovative ones if and only if they become a marketable and sellable end product, service, or process. So innovation follows creativity, then expected future state follows both. Which one comes first?:
9. NO.7 Openness and readiness to change is mainly about cultural set designed by leadership attitude, whereas innovation is much about know-how and technical &market expertise. Creativity is a converged process in an organization exhibiting both but much aligned to culture. The role of corporate culture:
10. TO CONCLUDE… There are many books and articles written on each of these topics since there are many details and need for competency to manage each one. However, many business people are still confused with the basics listed above which might help as brief reminders in turn.

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