Games of Creativity & Innovation with Akshay Sateesh

Games of Creativity & Innovation with Akshay Sateesh

One of the core components in teaching and is play. It’s the first thing we do in every class to differentiate this part of the day from others for my students, and to set the mood for what is to come.

My friend and colleague, , has been an influence in the I play with my class, as well as with my clients an in my workshops. From Rocks, Scissors, Paper to TIger, Fireworks, Hello, Akshay has demonstrated that games can help break down barriers, improve communication and facilitate innovation amongst all types of people.

Watch this session to watch our class play his games and how they can impact individual and group creativity.

– The Name Game
– Ultimate Rock, Scissors, Paper
– Tell the Story of Your Name
– Make a Monster
– The 5 Game Flurry

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