Creative Thinking with Michael Michalko

Creative Thinking with Michael Michalko

is one of the most highly acclaimed experts in the world and author of the best sellers Thinkertoys, Cracking Creativity, and ThinkPak. In this interview with NCR Radio he talks about his latest book, Thinkering: Putting Your Imagination to Work. He explains why is often counterintuitive and some methods that may help you develop your next fantastic idea.

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    J M says:

    Why the REVERB?!?!?!?

    perperikon42 says:

    Great Interview. I use his problem solving techniques described in his book "Thinkertoys" for many years already.

    Cory Mann says:

    I can't imagine a duller way to present creative thinking!  Sound quality had an echo, very little visual – why bother putting this on Youtube?  It's an audio podcast.

    Owen Jericho says:

    Read his books! Thinkertoys should have your first priority, after that Creative Tinkering for expanding upon associative thinking. But please, don't make the mistake of just reading them, try to apply it everyday!

    Isabel Vélez says:


    Saboohi Famili says:

    Loved the interview and cannot wait to read the book.

    Malichi Bailey says:

    wonderful interview

    Igor Dernov says:

    I really like Michael Michalko's books. I discovered them in Russia a long time ago. I'm so happy because now I can read them in original. Great interview.

    Eman AbdelRaouf says:

    I mean if you know any websites with recordings of live events for michael michalko

    Eman AbdelRaouf says:

    Excellent speaker and author…his book thinker toy is a master piece ….I wonder why he is not present much on media and if you no if any live webinars for him

    Gowrishankar Duraiswamy says:

    Great interview. This 27 minutes is the most usefully spent time for me. Good to listen great ideas of great thinkers. Unfortunately this video has only 422 view. Thats surprising indeed.

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