Think Like a Programmer: Introduction

Think Like a Programmer: Introduction

This first video is an to the book and the idea behind it. Future videos will offer tips on developing your problem-solving ability.

Your comments and suggestions for future videos are welcome.

a ” is a book I’ve written to help programmers with problem solving. If you’ve found that you are able to read programs and understand programming language syntax but aren’t always confident writing programs from scratch, my book may be able to help.

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    la Vida the life says:

    can this work for java word problems ?

    Dragon Lover says:

    Hey, I'm really into programming but I'm failing on every front. Everyone in my class seems to be either failing or being super successful and in the end we end up copying off the board and thats like it…it sucks.

    CrowsZero95 says:

    WTH is a Kratzz?? A bar right

    Gabbie Vasquez says:

    i agree 100% this sounds like me! i know c++ but give me a blank screen and it takes me longer than it should to complete a program cause i do the trial and error method!! i love ur videos.

    Chris John Dela Cruz says:

    sir can you mail me some sample problems please i need it to improve my programming skill

    Layarion says:

    im making a list of video's that fuck up royally in some way. i will use this list for aspiring youtubers to teach them what not to do, and your vid made the list for having a VO that's way too quiet

    oOImagineOo says:

    Would I be able to understand the book if I only know C? I am new to programming and I am learning C, I know the basic syntax but I don't know how different from C++ is; although I eventually plan to pick up C++, the class that I am currently taking is all in C.

    Junilu Lacar says:

    I can't believe I haven't heard about your book before. I have been discussing the same kind of issues with learning/teaching how to program with colleagues and other developers in my community, both online and in the real world. I've only gotten through the first chapter but I've already noted a number of important passages that I will be using and quoting in the future.

    One comment about the constraints on the Quarrasi Lock problem: since there was no explicitly constraint against moving more than one Kratzz at a time as there was in the fox-goose-corn problem, my solution was to press the first alarm suppressor, slide out all three Kratzz from the first receptacle, then push all three Kratzz to the second receptacle.

    Tarek Hamza says:

    An excellent book. Thank you very much. I just finished reading your book and I definitely recommend reading it and trying to solve its exercises. I wish there were more books of this kind that teach how to solve problems. If anyone knows books that talk about the problem solving skill please let me know.

    Leon Moore says:

    Did this book help anybody any?

    TheMasterEarRapist says:

    hey dude ive always wanted to know what and if theres a difference between computer programming and computer networking? secondly, i was trying to learn python for my coding language, and there always seems to be too much programming terms that i dont understand the purpose of the terms definition… words like strings,modules, syntax.. basically im asking what website do you recommend to learn the commonly used definitions, and use the definitions to better myself as a programmer

    Senseless Nonsense says:

    Oddly enough, I feel I'm the exact opposite. I know what I need to do in the sense of algorithms and the like to get what I need done, but I always get compile errors on syntax or I just do not know how to do something in a certain language. That might just be me overestimating what I think I can do logically.

    Gregory Vilfranc says:

    Finally bought your book. Wasn't on iBooks but was able to download it via Kindle on iOS. Great read so far. I'm already panicking less.

    Gregory Vilfranc says:

    Will you be releasing your book on iBooks anytime soon?

    Gregory Vilfranc says:

    So it only took me failing my programming class twice before finding this playlist. Kicks back with popcorn and an open mind.

    NinjightNationCorp says:

    Don't watch the video. Here is the concise version broken down into 1 minute segments.
    1:00 Problem solving is a creative skill.
    2:00 his students could only figure out how to program when given specific instructions.
    3:00 problem solving is a skill (he said this in the beginning?)
    4:00 he wrote a book
    :32 buy his book
    LOL 282 idiots liked this video when they were told NOTHING useful.
    If you know that problem solving is a creative skill then you don't need this video.

    itisourtimenow says:

    I apologize for being overly critical. Thank you for what you are doing. You sound like an honestly great person!

    ZuestTV says:

    was excited when i read the title…but when i read that i need to read a book..i was like oh great >.<

    Mad Fik says:

    I think if you make another book you should put your daughter's work as the cover hahah. No I'm serious. It's cute.

    House Fire says:

    "if this in any way sounds like you …"   sounds exactly like me

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