Coming Up With a Good Business Idea (#60 of 365)

Coming Up With a Good Business Idea (#60 of 365)

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Jaret Grossman is the Co-Founder of the Popular Fitness Brand Muscle Prodigy, the Founder of TaskChat (a productivity app), and a South Florida Realtor. He has coached hundreds of people across the world. More details here:

Dreams are useless without action. It’s 1% the and 99% of it is that sweat, that effort, that sweat equity. There is nothing special about the idea – it’s the execution of it, going out there, and doing it every day. The first step in getting started is making a decision, and then it’s just going to work with action. It’s about the person behind the idea, not the idea itself. If you believe in the process and the end results, success will happen.

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