Myths of Creativity.- Creativity / Innovation Workshop

Myths of Creativity.- Creativity / Innovation Workshop

There is no money problem, only an idea problem.

There is no studies problem, only a problem.

There are no business problems, only an problem.


· Learning powerful thinking strategies

· Understanding various intellectual traps in being creative.

· Learning problem solving techniques.

· Learning tools for decision making.

· Understanding critical thinking techniques.

· Learning tools to generate Ideas.

· Tapping your right brain to accelerate learning.

· Learning how to dissolve business and personal issues with flair and innovation.

· Learning tools to overcome barriers to analysis and idea generation.

· Practical games and case studies.

Important Note – Come at our own risk as this workshop can change the way you think and way you think about thinking.

Register today to avail 15% early bird discount.

Seminar days: (Sun.) 12th and 19th December.

From: 9.30am to 6:00pm

Attend Free Introductory Lectures to learn 2 tools from the workshop:

21th Nov, 27th Nov, 28th Nov, 5th December

and 11th December

Time: 7:00pm to 8:15pm

Contact: Tej Gyan Foundation (MSY Training Services). Aundh Centre -2nd Floor, Supreme Centre. Above Pizza Hut, ITI road, Aundh, Pune. Contact 020-25896 533 or 9762104010


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