Visual Creativity

Visual Creativity

The ultimate book about

For the first time ever, the practical handbook Visual Creativity offers creativity techniques specially designed to assist with the development of new picture worlds and visual ideas. Professionals from the worlds of advertising, computer animation, film, photography, illustration and game development will find 240 pages densely packed with techniques aimed at training their creative skills, helping them use the pictures in their heads as a source of inspiration and taking their visual thinking in new directions.

You can read interviews with industry stars such as Ben Snow of ILM or Daniel Kleinman and will be amazed at the in-depth insights they provide into the creative sources and visual thought strategies of these outstanding talents. They talk for the first time about their inner picture worlds and how they use the images produced by their imaginations in order to develop fantastic ideas. The exercises and methods are accompanied by 160 first-class examples of creative work (a total of 750 illustrations), most of which have won awards or have been originated by some of the most innovative creative studios in the world.

The aim of this book is not simply for me to pass on the experience I have acquired through my training courses and through working with brilliant creative teams, however, it is also meant to convey something of the enjoyment I get as a creative and as a provider of stimuli from striking out in new directions as part of a team. The motto here is: open your eyes in order to dream and close them in order to see.

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