Trick Your Mind into Being Creative | Aadil Vora | TEDxNSU

Trick Your Mind into Being Creative | Aadil Vora | TEDxNSU

Why is facing a blank canvas so difficult? Inventing the ingenious can seem insoluble! But there is a simple mindhack anyone can use to get over this “writers block,” spark the , and ignite the process. In this talk, will demonstrate how we can ourselves thinking more creatively while filtering out the cliché.

NSU alumnus Aadil Vora (2014, B.S. in Biology, Honors and Dual Admission student) is a first-year medical student in the university’s D.O. program. Although most of his time is devoted to becoming a physician, Vora also enjoys the visual and performing arts. At the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts, he earned bronze and gold medals for his work in monologues (2011) and musical theatre (2012). Vora cites theatre as a major influence in his decision to study medicine. Acting taught him how to see the world through the eyes of a given character, and he now uses those skills to view clinical experiences through the eyes of his patients. In 2012, Vora coached elementary school students in a competition called Odyssey of the Mind. After studying how children think critically and creatively, he presented his findings. Intrigued by the sources and outcomes of creativity in children, Vora is looking forward to his future pediatrics and psychiatry clinical rotations.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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    Mako Kitsune says:

    "My answer will be: NO YOU'RE WRONG! you're creative" I've got DanganRonpa flashbacks. 😛

    Aspect 24 Productions says:

    Why did I put a baby doll leg in place of the hour hand? lolol

    Erykah Badu says:

    He's hot

    prezadent1 says:

    Saints Row devs: We need a new weapon. Let's be creative and say it has to be purple.

    Cherry Lasting says:

    The Power of Creative Constraints, all over again with stories for examples. Thanks now I know to be extra creative

    Alex Vontteum says:

    I think "Cat in the hat" is really good example of this, but yes this is a GREAT way to get ideas flowing.

    Sarah Scarano says:

    Showing this video to my class of 8th grade art students to help them through the intimidation of looking at a "blank page"

    altaqqadum96 says:

    I dont want to trick myself into being creative, when he says trick it means deceptive. Why or how can someone trick themselves into being creative?

    BIG MONEY says:

    Good concept to keep in mind

    Il Wu says:

    this has nothing to do with that video but you look exactly like Emille Ennis Jr only with hair

    Gurjant Singh says:

    How can someone dislike such a cool video??

    jared smith says:

    This is brilliant.

    Justin Bridge says:

    I'm sorry, but he needs to check his facts about Apollo 13. It's mission was to land on the moon, not just orbit it. They achieved that. The reason for the abort was the fact that the oxygen tanks blew up due to a frayed wire that 'shorted' and created a spark in an oxygen rich environment. The saturation of the carbon dioxide filters was caused by 3 people, not 2, inhabiting the LEM, which was used as a lifeboat to get the astronauts home.

    torosalvajebcn says:

    Science confirms this. They made a study about how much playground space kids used . Group A had limitless space, they could go anywhere they wanted (it was a safe area). Group B was inside a perimeter. Guess what, group A tended to play near the school, group B used 100 per cent of the perimeter. So it makes sense, having some frames helps in developing your full potential.

    EmilyGreene1984 says:

    I think there is nothing wrong with being non-creative. If someone wants to be creative, and who just isn't sure of what to do, then this video speech might be good for them. But for those who simply don't want to pursue creativity, that's fine and it doesn't make them worse people for doing so. I think society is obsessed with making people be creative, even if it is against their personal choice. That is NOT rational or healthy to do so.

    envsh03 says:

    A good /productive technique -surprised that there are not more likes, for this video!

    Lorri Cerva says:

    Loved this! I try and tell my design students the same idea- thanks for stating it so concisely!!!

    Supreme Davon says:

    y'all are fucking pathetic, this man is giving insights on creativity and how to better yourself and all you got out of it was "he's says you know too much" and "he's boring".. y'all are never gonna be successful thinking like that. Stupid ass motherfuckers, ol bum ass, want a boss forever ass bitches. Get your fucking mind right. -Supreme Davon

    CennedyS says:

    Dude looks like the character in subnautica but with glasses:D

    Barbara Maj says:

    Count the number of times this speaker says, "you know?". It gets monotonously irritating – you know?

    KF G says:

    A wonderful video and creative way to restate, "necessity is the mother of invention" the speaker reminds us that we are only as limited as we think we are.

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