Associative Thinking & Creativity Boost

Associative Thinking & Creativity Boost

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MindPT’s proprietary technology carefully curates visual, audio and text based messaging through an experiential mindfulness training session for your whole mind. Used as a tool to maintain peak performance, MindPT becomes your secret weapon to increase effectiveness, impact and empowerment whatever your goal – work, business, health, relationships, love, family – or all of the above.

MindPT’s “bite-sized” personal growth lessons feature the collective wisdom of the world’s greatest transformational teachers. It’s an online and mobile personal change tool that you can use in a fun daily micro-practice that yields fast and lasting results. Just 3 minutes of MindPT will improve your moods and perceptions for 6-8 hours!

Using the latest in neuroscience and positive psychology, personal change has never been so easy, convenient, fast and FUN. By upgrading your automatic self-talk and perceptions, you literally think differently – in a way that is empowered and aligned with your greatest goals and aspirations.

About Kim Serafini: A graduate of Bond University, Kim was dubbed the “Queen of Gratitude” as a result of the iamgr8fulclub’s international success. This effervescent and down-to-earth Australian embodies the modern-day woman who is living her dreams and helping others to do so as well. A former corporate consultant in the field of change management and mergers and acquisitions, Ms Serafini completely re-directed her life after studying sports therapy to create the world’s highest quality ‘hot stone massage’ by the brand: Lithos Therapy. Described as ‘courageous’, ‘graceful & charming’, ‘OPEN-HEARTED’, ‘inspiring’ and ‘truly international’ Kim’s mission is to make you THINK and FEEL better. Her audiences re-tell stories of being captivated, empowered and uplifted by her speeches. She has spent a considerable amount of her time over the past 20 years studying in the field of personal development, self-improvement and positive psychology. She is the creator and CEO of MindPT, a revolutionary new way of integrating new thoughts and ideas into your mind that yields astonishing results. MindPT helps to automate success in a fun way that takes the work out of self-work.

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